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Singer Songwriter and Recording Artist, Alyssa Pridham has been singing and writing music for most of her life. She started out at the age of 4 singing in church. She enjoys living a healthy lifestyle and lives in reverence for life.   Clean water and the preservation of healthy natural environments are deeply important to her.  Alyssa feels part of her task in this life is to share her story, her lessons learned and offer her music and wellness guidance to the world to promote greater wellbeing, peace, love and joy through reminding people of who they truly are.  She welcomes collaborative projects that aim to work together in support of making the world a more harmonious and beautiful place to live, love and be, now and for future generations to come.  She has just completed writing a new christian album and is welcoming band member submissions. For inquiries please go to our contact page.

Alyssa Pridham

Alyssa Pridham


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